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We offer Yankee Candles in different size jars, votives, tea lites and tarts. We offer a Bogo Program where you can buy one fragrance and get one for 50% OFF the scent of the season. They constantly change fragrances. Always a second choice in cas we would be sold out. We would choose the next closest smelling fragrance available for you. We also offer a Unique Yankee Candle Bouquet with fresh flowers on the top!!! You get both flowers and a gift what a perfect choice! They retail for $48.99 on the medium size jar and $53.99 on the large jars. Please see the list order Yankee Candle products on the homepage.

Enjoy a scent of spring with fresh flowers atop a Yankee Candle and then again with the aroma of the candle below!! There are many scents to choose from lilac blossoms, lemon/lavender and sweet honeysuckle just to name a few! Please enter your first scent choice and we will match the flowers to the candle color!

Flowers will change due to seasonal availability. Our designers will match flower colors to the chosen fragrance.